The UK FCA will stop the digital currency financial instruments, claiming that at least 75 million pounds will be lost each year.

On today's crypto report from Trainerstechs, UK Finical Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed to ban financial instruments related to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethrum, etcetera.

FCA warned that individual investors may not have full knowledge regarding to the risks or values of these tools and thus, can lead to huge losses. Hence, this report is according to British “Guardian.”

FCA claims that derivatives such as exchange-denominated bonds (ETNs) associated with encrypted assets are “not suitable” for small investors. These products are “very volatile” and are difficult to value.

FCA further added that their investors have low understanding of products and there is a growing risk of financial crimes that will hurt investors because of “sudden and unpredictable losses.”
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FCA also said that if these financial instruments are banned, it is expected to save consumers a loss of 75 million to 234.3 million pounds a year.

If implemented, this ban will affect financial products such as CFDs, options, futures and ETNs.


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