More and more leaks keeps popping up daily, just yesterday, the second clip of the Galaxy Note 10 teased online, exposing more details than the first clip, which appeared in early July. As well as the image of the S Pen and compact camera, the Korean manufacturer demonstrates the product's performance this time.

However, the Galaxy Note 10 has the ability to replace many different devices, permitting users to do multiple tasks on a smartphone only. PC, laptops in addition to regular smartphones can be replaced by new Galaxy models in office work or outside.

While on Twitter yesterday, Samsung Indonesia has shared a video clip on the official account, revealing that the Note 10 will have a strong configuration. Hence, this will be strongest smartphone from the Korean tech giant.

In the short video, Samsung also targeted its competitor, Apple. Galaxy Note 10 devices replace the look quite similar to the iMac desktop, Apple's MacBook laptop. Unlike its competitors, Apple creates an ecosystem and the ability to work seamlessly across its various devices rather than trying to encapsulate it into one device.

Meanwhile, Samsung granted access to turn smartphones like Galaxy Note 9, S10, S10 + into personal computers when needed via DeX feature, connected to big screen, keyboard and mouse.

Galaxy Note 10 will be announced by Samsung in New York (USA) on August 7. Other every year, this year's Galaxy Note promises to have 2 different versions. In particular, Pro version supports 5G connection, processor configuration, RAM and memory are larger than the standard version.


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