The Netflix Witcher live-action album is ​​scheduled to be released in Q4 (October to December) this year.

Even though the outside community turns out to have double mind about the casting, today's official release of the album poster and LOGO, white the back of the wolf is really shocking.

The Witcher live-action album is played by Henry Cavil “Superman: Iron Man Hero” who played the role of Gerald, and the script is written by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich “Dream.”

However, the poster's propaganda slogan is “The worst monster is created by us.” Probably the most terrible monster is usually created by human beings, such as the ugly heart, which has always been emphasized in the Witcher game.

Additionally, the posters however, revealed some of the actors stills as well, which includes Gerald and Ye Naifa. The first season of the Wizards consists of 8 episodes in total, each episode lasting for about an hour.


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