While dark theme has contributed a lot in changing the look & feel of a smartphone, it has also contributed in reducing battery consumption. Google on the other hand has made it as a part of built-in feature which comes along with the Android 10.

Although OneUI has been dedicated to the dark interface, not all Samsung smartphones can be able to use it. Therefore, you have to go to Galaxy Theme application on your Samsung device, if not, follow the below procedure to install dark mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Navigate to your theme store and search for the keyword “Black,” choose the second theme I tried that and it is best suited for the icons that are kept by default as well as the internal interfaces which are now converted to black. Then tap on Apply to finish.

Now, you can check your notification panel, check phone settings and of course, open your keyboard to see the difference. By default this theme has a black background so you can leave it the way it is or change any image you like.

And now, you have successfully installed Dark Mode theme for your Samsung device, feel free to explore it to the fullest.


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