The newly teased Aston Martin photos has new details concerning the DBS GT Zagato sports car, revealing further glimpse of the car's final production intent of the exterior. The DBS GT Zagato will be combined with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation to complete the DBZ Centenary Collection.

While the car is priced at £6m for the pair, Aston plans to make only 19 pairs of these rides. Aston claims that the new renderings give a fresh look at the key design features of both new models.

The DBS GT Zagato started as a DBS Superleggera, and Aston says that the DBS GT Zagato “embodies the next evolution” of the Zagato design. The car gets a new and unique “dynamic” grille at the front that changes its appearance.

Aston however, fitted the car with 108-individual diamond-shaped carbon fiber pieces that are flush with the exterior of the car as well. When the car started those little carbon fiber bits “flutter into life” as they open to let the twin-turbo V12 breathe. Marek Reichman, Aston CEO says that the design of the car is to give onlookers an aural and visual treat when the car starts.

The car has a full-length carbon fiber roof and to allow the driver to see out of the back of the car; it uses a camera-operated rear view central mirror. That full-length carbon fiber roof extends to where the rear window would typically be.


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