The new Hongmeng OS started existing since 2012, though it wasn't stable and not publicly known as the Chinese tech giant decided to make it private to still make use of world most used OS, Android.

Just a couple of months ago, the US Commerce department sanctioned Huawei and thus, crippled them for the mean time. Little do they know that the ban will fuel the fire Huawei has been setting over the years.

Meanwhile, few days ago, the US president, Donald Trump had said that Huawei can buy products from the US companies, though with one big exception. This statement was made in a meeting held at Osaka at the G20 summit where the US president and the Chinese President sat together.

Even though President Trump had said earlier that Huawei can purchase U.S. technology again, a statement later clarified by a White House official. Huawei however, still waited for a nod on moving forward from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Instead, a report from Reuters has claimed that a senior U.S. official told the Department’s enforcement staff that China’s Huawei should still be treated as blacklisted.

That said, Ren Zhengfei in a French interview claimed that his own operating system, Hongmeng is faster than Android and can be used more widely, not only on smartphones, but also on network devices, tablets, computers and data centers.
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He further added that Hongmeng OS is faster than MacOS, processing latency is less than 5 milliseconds, and can be applied to many devices. Although the US president said that the US company can supply Huawei, but the Google service is still to be determined. Hence, Huawei has not given up the development of the Hongmeng OS.


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