While other smartphone companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei has introduced their foldable smartphone, Apple is not in rush to do the same.

Meanwhile, patent applications reveal that Microsoft is working on what could possibly end up being a foldable Surface tablet, but Apple isn’t standing on the sidelines of this foldable device game.

Of course, Apple is indeed late to join the ongoing party of this foldable device game. Nevertheless, according to the analyst who claim to know of the iPhone-maker's plan reported that Apple is working on a foldable iPad.

That's some sort of good news to Apple fans out there, it's better late than never. Hence, Apple is only finding a way to impress the world.

Talking about the size of the foldable iPad, it would supposedly be close to the current MacBook line-up, so think anywhere between 11 and 15 inches.

According to what the report predicts, the device will be seen “as soon as next year” as in terms of a possible products launch. Meanwhile, the alleged foldable iPad is said to come with 5G connectivity features, and a powerful Apple A-series processor.
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With 5G support and a “highly portable” footprint, the foldable iPad could potentially appeal to business consumers. However, the report rightfully acknowledges that, before a foldable iPad, Apple needs to fix the problem of 5G iPhone, as it is the only top 3 company to not have a 5G-capable smartphone on the market.


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