GM and Michelin launches tires without the need to fill the wind, expected to start operating in 2024

This year, the car industry is fiercely competitive. With a combination of technology and innovation to make a difference and advancing simultaneously.

There are both high speed electric cars and also can-fly cars as well which can be used personal or publicly. However, the tire happens to be one issue that many parties often overlook which each year has a lot of production.

GM in collaboration with Michelin has show off their new work on tires, introducing the windless tire deign which seems to be the way forward in the Auto industry.

The production of the tire is a success and thus, tested with the Chevy Bolts model which named this production process as Unique Puncture-proof Tire System “UPTIS.”

Meanwhile, the tires are made of rubber, consisting of quality grade resin “fiberglass mixed into rubber,” thereby providing high durability, running at all road conditions. Hence, both have a longer service life compared to conventional tires.

This inauguration is considered to be interesting as you'll not have to fill the air at all, saves time, and most importantly, reduce the wheel-related accident. Whether it is a rubber explosion, rubber leak, tire crack, etcetera.


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