Of recent, foldable smartphone has become a trend in mobile phone industry, Huawei has already shown off its double fold smartphone which looks magnificent.

The Korean giant “Samsung” on the other hand has shown and launched their foldable smartphone though has been cancelled because of some problems concerning the device. However, recent report claims that Samsung will relaunch the device soon.

And now, Apple has finally wake up from their deep sleep to join the line of foldable smartphones. A concept video has teased online, hinting us on what Apple's folding smartphone will look like.

Remember, it's just a concept and thus, might not be a feasible design choice for the manufacturer, but of course, can raise the standard. Hence, we have embedded a concept below to serve as an example.

As you can see, the iPhone Fold is thin and pocketable if you wish to use it as a smartphone. The shape of the concept design, unlike the Galaxy Fold, is realistic and looks exactly like a smartphone. It, however, the machine it folds inward.

As for the specs of the smartphone, it offers 10MP+8MP at the front, and three cameras placed vertically along with a Quad LED flash at the back side. Although looks stunning, the oddest part is the screen of the display. It not only produces stunning visuals but also is your speaker. I mean, the display is the speaker.

You get 6.5-inch of screen real estate backed by the super retina display technology if you wish to use it as a smartphone. The device can however be transformed to a tablet which is about 8.3-inch super retina HD display tablet with support for Apple pencil, which you can attach to the device magnetically.
(Source: YankoDesign)


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