This is how Huawei's new operating system “Hongmeng OS / Ark OS” looks on smartphone || Hongmeng OS / Ark OS first impression

The news is no longer new to the ear as the US government placed a ban on Chinese since last month which resulted to Chinese smartphone maker loosing access to Android and Windows, thus, made it a black month for Huawei. While they didn't only lost access to Google and Windows, they also lost ARM’s License and support from other companies as well.

However, the US-ban didn't leave a deep wound on Huawei as many people thought as they knew something of this nature will definitely arise one day and thus, developed their own OS since 2012 but remains hidden as no one knows the name of the operating system.

The leaks of the Huawei's new OS started teasing online after the US-ban, which the name first appeared as Hongmeng OS. However, later got an international name known to be Ark OS.

There's no much news regarding to the Huawei's new OS for the Windows replacement but of course, we do know so much about the Android equivalent.

And now, a new leak has surfaced online that just hint to what Huawei's new operating system for its smartphone will look like.

Earlier, it was reported that the new Huawei operating system, Hongmeng OS / Ark OS is faster and more sophisticated than Android itself. This new leak may have prove the earlier report right. Below, we've embedded an image of what this new Huawei's operating system will look like on its smartphone.

As the above image shows, Huawei’s ARK OS hardly offers anything new when it comes to the look and feels as they both like alike. I won’t blame you if you end up thinking it as an Android skin. From what we can see in the above image, the ARK OS looks very much like a twin brother of Android.

Interestingly, the screenshots of the apps that you are seeing in the above images are believed to be Android apps running natively in Huawei’s new Ark OS smartphone.

According to previous rumors, Huawei's Ark OS can support Android apps and you will be able to download these apps using a third party Store.

Hence, a previous report also claims that Huawei Will be in partnership with Aptoide to serve as Google play store alternative for the smartphone, since they are banned from using any Google's property.

Fortunately for Huawei, the US commerce department gave a three-month reprieve, which will let them provide service and support, including software updates or patches, to existing Huawei handsets that were available to the public on or before May 16, 2019, which however means that we are unlikely to see Huawei launch a new smartphone with ARK OS before the deadline.
(Source:  MSPU)


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