Yes, we're in the leak era as Samsung's next flagship device “Galaxy Note 10” is drawing closer. While we continue feeding you were daily leaks about the machine, here's a new leak that you'd be interested to see.

Today, the 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10 has been spotted on Geekbench and the numbers hint at the possibility of a ceramic variant. However, the Korean giant has already offered this finish for the Galaxy S10+ so it would be reasonable to do the same for its next flagship device.

Meanwhile, the ceramic of the Galaxy S10+ doesn't offer just the ceramic design but also have more to it which provides the customers with a 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. Thus, there are two different listings for the SM-N976 on Geekbench with 8GB and 12GB RAM.

As it is, the SM-N970 and SM-N975 happens to be the two main models of the upcoming flagship. Each of them will get its own 5G variant with model numbers SM-N971 and SM-N976. The SM-N970/971 will be the cheaper model with a 6.28-inch display and seems to be furnished with a 3400mAh battery.

It'll be some sort of the Galaxy S10e but for the new Galaxy Note series, hence, it is rumored that the cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 10 will be called the Note 10e. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be sensible to offer a pricey ceramic finish for this particular device.

Since the SM-N975/976 will be the full-fledged Galaxy Note 10 with a 6.75-inch display, 4,500mAh battery and a quad rear camera system, this will however, be the device that Samsung can offer a ceramic finish for. It’s clearly not decided as yet but the circumstantial evidence overwhelmingly supports this outcome.

The Verizon-bound SM-N976V has surfaced on Geekbench with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855. It posted single-core and multi-core scores of 3529 and 10840. However, this exact variant has 12GB of RAM. The SM-N976B, likely meant for Telstra in Australia, has also been spotted on Geekbench. It has the Exynos 9825 processor (rumored 7nm version of Exynos 9820) with scores of 3557 and 9654. Hence, has 8GB of RAM onboard.

One explanation for the difference in RAM could be that Verizon might also offer a ceramic Galaxy Note 10 5G with 12GB of RAM. The non-ceramic version will have 8GB RAM like the other variants.

We were pleasantly surprised by the durability of the ceramic Galaxy S10+ so it would be nice to have that finish available for the next flagship as well. One certain thing there is that it'll cost a kidney “i.e very costly.”
(Source: SamMobile)


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