The launch of Galaxy Note 10 appears to be the trending news all over the internet and it seems that Samsung fans have just been treated to another subtle leak about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones.

Recently, Ice Universe had commented on a tweet regarding to his earlier post of the Galaxy Note 10 where he had said that the 4G Pro version of the Galaxy Note 10 would get 25W fast charging and a 4,500 mAh battery. Hence, on the comment, he said that the “25w high probability of the wrong message.”

However, the latest tweet of the renowned tipster about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has his followers in a spin again. And now, he made it clear that his retraction about the 25 W fast charging did not necessarily mean the Note 10 would feature less than 25 W - hence his use of the ≠ symbol. Surely, a lot of commentators have now started guessing at what level the fast charging could be, with 50W frequently suggested.

But there’s more to this issue of charging and battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 yet. Ice universe however stated that “battery capacity and charging speed will no longer be Samsung's weaknesses, or even advantages.”

It seems, along with his picture of the Man of Steel, that he is suggesting something “super” is coming to the Note 10 series, which at the present could mean one of two things.

With the launch of Galaxy S10, Samsung introduced a super fast 25W charging technology for the Galaxy S10 5G, and this would tie in neatly with Ice universe’s attached picture of the world’s most famous Kryptonian.

However, there are many people who would like to see the introduction of a graphene battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. This would also be “super” – Samsung has stated that a graphene-based battery could take just 12 minutes to fully charge.

The latter suggestion becomes more possible when taken into account that battery life and charging are often considered weaknesses of Samsung Galaxy devices – their kryptonite. By installing graphene-based batteries in the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung removes the weaknesses and creates a business device worthy of Superman himself.
(Source: Twitter)


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