Coming directly from the testing labs of the KTR “Korea Testing and Research Institute” arrives a photo of a battery with product number EB-BN972ABU. The battery has an average capacity of 4300mAh and a rated capacity of 4170mAh.

However, the product number confirms this battery belongs to a device in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 product range. Typically, a battery with this code would belong to a phone with model number SM-N972. And this is where the questions rises.

Based on previous report, Samsung is developing four versions of the Galaxy Note 10 (two 4G and two 5G variants). Hence, the regular-sized 6.3-inch Note 10 is expected to carry model number SM-N970, while its 5G variant comes as the SM-N971.

Meanwhile, there is the larger 6.7-inch version, tentatively titled the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. This one will carry model number SM-N975, with the SM-N976 being its 5G-ready twin brother. Until now, no SM-N972 had been spotted on the radar.

We can confirm, however, the EB-BN972ABU is not the battery for the SM-N970. So either it is the battery for the SM-N971, or it is the battery for a yet-to-be-revealed additional Galaxy Note 10 variant. Supposing the first scenario is not unheard of in Samsung’s Galaxy, we will, for now, stick to the assumption we are looking at a 5G variant of the regular-sized Note 10.

We still have several months ahead to the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 line-ups, while it is still not too far, it is also not to close in the sense that we're to expect to see the machine either in the late August or early September.

Of course, more information will continue to pop up until the official release. At the meantime, we'll continue to tip you as per any new information regarding to the device.
(Source: SamMobile)


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