Of course, you can do a lot of things using your Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active which finding your misplaced phone happens to be one of them. Supposing that you've paired both devices together, using your Galaxy Watch to find your phone is pretty much easier than you might expect.

However, the app that assists to execute this task is already pre-installed on your smartwatch so this functionality works out of the box. You just need to follow a few steps and that’s all. The feature certainly comes in handy particularly if you have a habit of misplacing your phone.

Yes, your Galaxy Watch can find your phone even when it’s not paired with your phone over Bluetooth. In that case, it uses Wi-Fi to remotely connect to the phone. That’s just like using Samsung’s Find My Phone feature.

How To Find My Phone Using Galaxy Watch:
To do that, simply launch the Find My Phone app on your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active. Click on the Start button and if the devices are paired over Bluetooth, it will immediately start looking for the phone. You’ll see a “Finding my phone” screen on the handset as it vibrates and rings at full volume.

However, you can still use your Galaxy Watch to find your phone even when it’s out of Bluetooth range. To do this, connect it to a Wi-Fi network and perform the same steps. The app will inform you that the process could take some time as it will try to search for the phone remotely. The Locate phone option can also be used in both cases to get an approximate location of the handset.

Note: If your device is turned off or in airplane mode then this feature will definitely not work for you.

Hence, advanced functionality for example, remote wiping of the handset’s data is also impossible from the smartwatch version of the Find My Phone app. But that doesn’t remove the fact that this is a neat feature to have on your smartwatch which works pretty well.


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