Final Fantasy VII is getting a high-quality full remake, we've seen it in action again recently after Square Enix promised to share more announcements about the project in 2019.

Meanwhile, its release schedules was one of the things that kept fans wondering since it was first announced as being split into multiple parts. This hasn’t changed as spotted in the Japanese press release shared by Square Enix for the game, it was however, released along with the new trailer.

Of course, right from outset when Final Fantasy VII was released for the PS1, it has been a great game. Hence, it was shipped on multiple discs which were three in total, and offered a lot of high-quality pre-rendered cutscenes which were a rarity at that time.

As the effort to remake the game is quite demanding, Square Enix had already discussed releasing the full remake in multiple parts, and irrespective of the three years long silence, they are keeping it up.

Fans who are in-rush to get their hands on the game will have to make do with the multi-part nature of the release here. Square Enix had guaranteed that each part would be equal to a full game and they compared it to something like Final Fantasy XIII, which had a total of three games released for it.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake still doesn’t have a release date yet, the upcoming E32019 will be where more information about the game will be shared. At the moment, the game has been confirmed for the PS4 and when it was first announced, there was a timed exclusivity period for the PS4 but this disclaimer has been removed for the most recent trailer.

(Source: Twitter)


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