While Steam users who were disappointed over the decision of Gearbox making Borderlands 3 a timed exclusive for Epic Game store reviewed it as bombed, Gearbox Software might consider changing their opinion against publishing games on Steam.

In a tweet, Randy Pitchford however commend how Epic Game Store operates in terms of user's reviews whereas Valve is entirely open to let users voice out their opinion on steam. Review bombing is a tactic which has been abused in recent times whenever a developer does something that the community is not in-support of.

Meanwhile, the fans of Borderlands were deeply hurt and frustrated when Borderlands 3 was announced as an Epic Game Store exclusive. Hence the fans who had purchased the series on Steam have the expectation to play the game on the same day and date as the other consoles and Epic Game Store version.

However, Borderlands 3 has a timed exclusive with Epic Games Store that will last until April 2020, thus anyone who wants to enjoy the game on PC has to get it on Epic Games Store and not Steam.

In response to a user who shared Steam users review bombing the series via Twitter, Pitchford said “Ironically, that this misuse is possible and that Steam has no interest in correcting this misuse makes me kind of happy about 2k’s decision and makes me want to reconsider Gearbox Publishing’s current posture on the platform”.

Hence, it if not clear enough whether Pitchford was serious with his threat or if he said it more like a spur of the moment, but it paints Steam, and especially its users, in a bad light.
(Source: Twitter)


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