Undoubtedly, the Korean giant will release a version of Galaxy Note 10 that supports 5G, just like in the case of Galaxy S10. While 5G is becoming a new trend in technology, many smartphone companies are already enabling it on their flagship devices.

However, there are recent reports which confirms that there will be 2 5G versions with different screen sizes. The source however claimed, SM-N970 and SM-N975 will be the two main versions of Note 10. These two versions will be different in screen size and specifications.

Recently, a report from Korea suggested that the Note 10 will have a 6.28 inch and 6.75 inch screen, corresponding to 3 and 4 rear cameras. Hence, the batteries capacity on the 2 machines it expected to be different as well.

While it appears that Samsung will launch 4 Note 10 models, 2 other models have teased, namely SM-N971 and SM-N976. The source said, these are 2 5G supported versions of the 2 main variants above. These 5G models simply appear in markets that have deployed 5G networks.

Fortunately, more information regarding to the Galaxy Note 10 will appear more in the next few months, especially in design in addition to improvements on the S-Pen, camera etc.

Up till now, we haven't see the official image of the Galaxy Note 10 as it hasn't been revealed yet, but can see the reaction of users are very interested in the leaked information. Based on that, we can somehow predict a bright future for Samsung in the last months of 2019.


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