While the Galaxy S10 launched in various variants including 5G version, so many people thought that the case will be the same thing with the upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Hence, it remained a rumor then but now, it has been confirmed by Verizon that there'll be 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10 for sure.

Meanwhile, we are to wait patiently till the second half of 2019, where the next Galaxy Note flagship from Samsung will be unveiled. However, the interesting thing is that there'll be a variant which will come with 5G network support thereby adding more spice to the sauce.

This news was confirmed by Verizon's CEO, Hans Vestberg “through The Verge” who dropped this important information during the company’s Q1 2019 quarterly earnings call. Vestberg said that “the Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G” during the call.

From the above statement, you can assume that Samsung is thinking something big - there will be two versions of the upcoming Note device - with 4G and 5G support. We have seen this when Samsung released the Galaxy S10 variants with 4G and 5G support. Based on previous rumors, Samsung could launch two differently sized Galaxy Note 10 devices.


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