The leaks and teases of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 has become a trend in the smartphone world and not just for Samsung fans. Earlier, we've discussed about all we know about the Galaxy Note 10 which includes the features, specs, price and release date.

However, we do had a touch on the camera aspect, but little did we know what Samsung still have more goodies in store for us. Camera on the S-Pen turns out to be one of the goodies but at the moment, it is not certain yet as Samsung has not reacted on this feature.

Discovered by Patently Mobile, this document explains an improved S-Pen with built-in camera. Hence, this patented camera system is located in the upper part of the stylus pen.

The light passing through the lens is placed on the side of the S-Pen or atop the pen, where a button is being integrated. Moreover, this camera also has optical zoom capability. If this rumor turns out to be true then this feature will be very helpful and awesome to use.

Meanwhile, we are not sure of anything as we do not know what Samsung intends to do with this feature. Hence, this situation has raised an alarm and thus, prompted some questions which made the fans to ask “if Samsung is trying to remove the hole on the screen for the Galaxy Note 10 thereby moving the selfie camera to the S-Pen? Or add a camera with a powerful zoom lens, which is the hardest lens to fit inside the phone? As the case may be, the S-Pen camera on the Galaxy Note is still not feasible. Hence, all these appears to be the reasons why Phone offers to jump into conclusion.

It's not that Samsung doesn't have the ability to put the camera inside this stylus. A big company like Samsung can definitely put cameras into any accessories. But of course, there must be some kind of problem that'll arise. If we have to look into the size of the S-Pen, you'll notice that the size of the Galaxy Note series isn't big enough to mount a really good quality camera inside.

In comparison with the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 which has a thickness of 5.7 × 4.35mm. For easier imagination, the least/smallest camera module mounted on the Galaxy S10 is just a 10MP selfie camera in front, which has a size of about 8.7 × 8.7mm, including the lens part and metal casing located outside. So it is not possible for it to fit inside a large S-Pen like the Note 9.

Supposing that Samsung will make the Note 10's S Pen a little bigger or equips the stylus pen with a tiny camera, such as something based on the new ISOCELL Slim 3T2 sensor. The sensor is only 5.1mm diagonally, and even if they integrate the lenses as well as the necessary circuitry inside, this camera module is still small enough to fit the pen. stylus.  Probably, this is no longer an issue as the problem has been solved. But, in fact, it is not because there are some other reasons that might quench the S-Pen from not coming with a camera built on it.

While it seems that we have managed to resolve the S-Pen size problem, communication of the S-Pen with the phone turns out to be another headache which may/may not have any cure. However, it's certain that the camera inside the S-Pen will one way or the other still need a connection with the Galaxy Note 10 and will most likely be wireless. This communication involves not only sending real-time data to the phone to monitor the subject on the viewfinder displayed on the phone screen, but also taking captured images into the phone's memory.

On one hand is Bluetooth but of course we all know that its not the solution as it is too slow to perform such task, while on the other hand is Wi-Fi Direct that is used on existing digital cameras which may have latency. Or perhaps any other types of speed wireless communication, such as Essential Phone's 360-degree camera or Dual Display's LG V50 accessory which only work effectively within a very short distance.

Assuming that these two aforementioned problems has been fixed, do you think battery life can be able to hinder the S-Pen from not coming with a camera on it? Do share your ideas with us using the comment box. Meanwhile, my answer to this question is yes, it can because charging the S-Pen is another big challenge.

Rather than using a battery, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 9 uses a super capacitor. It is a fast-storing energy storage device and has a much longer life span than conventional lithium-ion cells. However, it can only contain a fraction of energy compared to an equivalent sized battery. Its energy reserve is only enough to power Bluetooth waves within 30 minutes or 200 clicks, depending on whichever comes first. But the energy needed to supply a camera as well as a wireless connection faster than Bluetooth is much higher.

To integrate a good camera inside the S Pen, Samsung will need to use a fairly large battery instead of supercapacitors. However, the battery will charge slower and will deteriorate over time.

Even though the evidence contained in the patent noted above, it is difficult to imagine what the built-in camera of the S-Pen will look like. But there are possibilities for Samsung to take advantage of this situation, maybe it's not a camera that can be drawn and used or maybe the S-Pen will act as a pop-up camera and will be turned on when needed, while the power and data connections are all inside the machine via metal socket connections.

However, the possibility that we can see that the camera in the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10 is very fragile because the current technology is not enough for Samsung to bring a camera that is good and easy to use inside small size S-Pen.


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