Samsung Galaxy Fold is certainly a futuristic phone which will go on sale starting from April 2019. While we were waiting patiently to see what Samsung have in store for us, a new report has however claimed that the Korean giant is working ahead of it's schedule and thus, designing a new foldable structure for two new models on this foldable phone concept.

Meanwhile, Samsung has already unveiled the highly anticipated Galaxy Fold which tends to come with six cameras and two batteries. However, the device was set within a price range of $1,980 which is almost $2,000. So if you wish to get this device then you need to budget out not less than $2,000 for it.

Based on the news report from Bloomberg, Samsung is working on two new Foldable phone designs which includes a display type that folds and unfolds Vertically and the other one that folds outwards - completely revert fold of the current gen Galaxy Fold.

The design of these devices are still yet to known but one of the design that outfolds outside will carry slimmer design because it won't feature any additional screen on top. Moreover, these two device could also include Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor but at the time being, cannot be confirmed.

However, thus report takes us back to late last year, October when we have gotten a similar report which claims that Samsung is currently testing testing prototypes on the Galaxy Fold which includes the launched landscape design and the other one was vertical folding display.

Above all of this new design thinking, the company is also working on how to strengthen its current durability of Infinity Flex display and of course, wants to improve it further more.


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