The launch of the Samsung's Galaxy S10 and his twin brothers has left many people on shock, even before the Galaxy S10 was launched, the leaks, teases and most especially, the spec of the phone has been a trend. With a whole lots of new technology embedded on the device, it seems that it'll still remain a top-notch for several more years to come.

However, we have only seen/experience the Galaxy S10 but what about the Galaxy Note 10? Will it be an unending story for a long while? A teardown by TechInsights has however revealed that Samsung cut a significant corner with its complete Galaxy S10 range: performance.

All three Galaxy S10 models are fitted with three-year-old UFS 2.1 storage, notwithstanding UFS 3.0 being twice as fast, commercially set and launching in premium smartphones starting from April this year.

Meanwhile, Samsung turns out to be among the companies jumping aboard. UFS 3.0 is confirmed on Samsung’s official Galaxy Fold specification page and the phone will launch on the 26th of April – just a month and three weeks after the launch of the Galaxy S10 line-up.

Moreover, UFS 3.0 is about more than just speed. Yes, its leap from the 11.6Gbps of UFS 2.1 to 23.2Gbps is dramatic and of course, apps will load and respond faster than usual, but UFS 3.0 is also more efficient thanks to a new 2.5V power supply. In summary of everything, you are you get a huge performance boost for less power consumption, which means longer battery life.

Practically, it's a boon. So if you've wished to enjoy these benefits while you still stay clear from the Galaxy Fold which costs not less than $2,000 then you have to be a little bit more patient and wait the arrival of Galaxy Note 10 in August. We already know Samsung is pushing the boat out with its Galaxy Note 10 upgrades and UFS 3.0 will be the icing on the cake. So be aware, given the Galaxy S10 price increases, it's obvious that the Galaxy Note 10 will be costlier than it and thus, the smart move is becoming clear.


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