Devil May Cry 5 has exceed the all-time peak for Resident Evil 2 Remake on its first appearance. It is however, the second best game launched on Steam for Capcom which is ahead of Resident Evil 2 Remake but behind Monster Hunter World, which was unconditionally massive.

Devil May Cry 5 launched with Denuvo DRM, which of course, is the case with almost every Capcom release. Meanwhile, there were some hovering rumor which claims that Devil May Cry 5 of the PC version was cracked before the official launch and game unlocking on Steam, but regardless of that, the player count for Devil May Cry 5 remained strong and it continued to surge during its opening day.

Devil May Cry 5 has really done well on PC judging from the all-time peak concurrent player count it currently has on Steam charts. Hence, it has surpassed 79K concurrent player count at the time of writing this article.

While the possibility is cleat that this number will increase before this week runs out, it will not be able to hit the Monster Hunter World number, which had more than 300K concurrent player at one point during its launch.

Hence, that's not that matters – our most concern is the fact that Devil May Cry 5 is now ahead of Resident Evil 2 which had all-time peak concurrent player count of 74k on Steam.

Surprisingly, it is now making a way to hit the Top 5 concurrent player count for Japanese games on Steam which are currently in possession of Metal Gear Solid 5, Dark Souls 2 and 3, and Monster Hunter World.
(Source: Steam Chart)


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