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From the outset, Chinese movies has been a trend for me. The action, Kung Fu and their costume has been one of the most addicted part of their movies. Definitely, am not the only Chinese movie lover, there are other people out there who uses the medium to learn Chinese language as most of their movies comes with subtitle thereby not focusing on what the movie is all about.

Chinese has already made name for themselves in the movie industry as they have ranked high in one of the best movie producing country, hence, they have produced a lot of superstars just like Jet Lee and Jackie Chan who most people all over the world know as best action movie actors. Of course, there are so many of them as well but at the meantime, let's just use this two as an example.

For the fact you're a fan of any of Chinese movie actors or actresses will definitely prompt you to go in-search of some Chinese movies, unfortunately, it'll be very difficult for you to find them on the internet as they are scarce to be seen. Even Google can not be able to produce you with a good result, hence, it'll only be the preview except making use of China search engine “Baidu”.

Also be aware that most of Chinese movie sites are only available for people living in China, if by any chance you're not a Chinese or living in China, it'll be difficult for you to play any of the Chinese movies online as the videos are specifically for people with Chinese IP. If not, then you'll get a message which shows “Sorry, this video is not available in your region  due to copyright limitations” or you may get something of this sort “很抱歉,由于版权原因暂无法播放” in Chinese language.

Nevertheless, all hopes are not lost yet as we have an alternative to it. Hence, a backup plan. The videos can be downloaded/watch online but with help of A VPN, there are a lot of VPN out there and of course on the Google play store, simply head over there and look for a VPN education contains Chinese language as it can help you bypass any obstacle you'll meet while downloading/watching Chinese movies online.

However, that's the reason we have put up this article – thus, to reduce the hassle and also put your mind at rest. Meanwhile, we have compiled a list of 15 best sites to download and watch Chinese movies online. Of course, how to download/watch Chinese movies online. So if you're a Kung Fu lover, it's time for you to tighten your shoes and if you're the type that learns language with it, then get your brain and writing material ready...

Best Sites To Get Chinese Movies In 2019:

1.) Sohu Movie:

When you talk about one of the best and most popular China’s video streaming site and you forgoy Sohu Movie, then you never start counting. This site however, provides thousands of movies and TV series for free.  Hence, it even  have some collection of latest American movies and TV shows and thus, all are available legally.  Sadly, all those movies are only available for Mainland China.  Meanwhile, users outside of mainland China  can make use of VPN to unlock the site.

2.) QQ Movie:

Definitely, there are some people who understands Chinese language and if it happens that you know a bit about China, you must have heard of QQ. Hence, it's the most widely used instant messenger in China. Its movie channel – QQ Movie – turns out to be one of the most visited movie sites. However,  the site provides the latest domestic and foreign movies but unfortunately, not for anyone that is not living in China, so for you to download it, then you have to consult your VPN so as the bypass the security.

3.) Iqiyi Movie:

A Baidu owned movie streaming site, hence, Baidu s the largest Chinese search engine. While Iqiyi offers various full-length and copyrighted contents which includes movies, TV shows, animation, documentaries, music and a lot more – the site however, allows only China IP to access it. If you live outside of China you must make use of VPN to unlock the site.

4.) Bd-films:

Bd-films turns out to be another trending site to download Chinese movies, it contains more of HD movies which made it be prominent when compared with other movie sites. Of course, you can find the latest Chinese movies from the site as it bags a lot of currently released movies.
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5.) Youku:

A booming movie site that you won't like miss out as it provides the latest action-adventure movies, I don't need to tell you about what is stocked inside of this site. Nonetheless, it bags not only movies but also Chinese TV series and anime – for anime lovers, am certain that you have been longing to hear this good news.

6.) M1905:

M1905 is the official movie site  owned by China’s national CCTV Movie Channel. The site offers columns like movies, videos, movie rankings, movie stars, movie blog, and so many of them.  While the site boasts of 2,100 genuine HD movies along with 3 extra movies uploaded  per day. M1905 is  really outstanding as it  offers free copyright restrictions, thereby allowing people to watch all its movies instantly anywhere in the world  at no cost.

7.) Tuduo:

Tuduo is a home of amazing telenovela Chinese movies, just a mere look at the is enough to explain to you where you've looked in to as it packs series of Chinese love story movies and of course seasonal movies as well. If you're looking for best love movie Chinese site, then Tuduo have you back covered.

8.) PPTV:

If you love watching Chinese drama, then PPTV is ever ready to welcome you to the world. PPTV provides video-on-demand of dramas and other contents. However, it's user interface is well-designed and simple to make use of. it's loading speed is very fast and contains vast drama sources. Meanwhile, it is available for all the OS which includes Android smartphones, Windows PC, iPads, Mac and more of it.  Also, its a free streaming Chinese movie site and has no country limitation as it can be watched anywhere around the world.

9.) LeTV:

LeTV is a Beijing based Chinese online  streaming site, this site is no  longer a new  to some of us as its popularity has grown vast and thus, supplies legal TV shows and movies from countries and regions  like the Mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.  Sadly, this site is strictly for users looking and China and if you're from/living outside Mainland, then using a VPN service is a way out.

10.) YouTube Chinese Movie Channel:

Of course, Chinese movies can be seen in YouTube, am not taking about preview but the full movie instead  – this is rear to find but it doesn't mean that it's not possible. However, it is a hidden YouTube channel specifically for action-adventure Chinese movies of all brands.  There, you can find both old and  current Chinese movies. Meanwhile, it can be streamed online and if you want to download it, simply copy the link and click here
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11.) 360 TV:

360 TV is classified as one of the best internet platform company in China. However, this site offers many resource links which can lead you to the popular TV series from different websites. Users may switch among its many links until find the site with the best watching experience. Hence, 360 TV is a property owned by Qihoo 360.

12.) 80s.tw:

This is where you get to see tons of telecasted Chinese shows, movies, Tv-shows, Anime and in addition to that are some American movies as well. You can get the latest Chinese movies and other movies across the globe. For me, this is one of the best sites to dream movies online as it offers great user experience both on PC and mobile view.

13.) Baidu TV:

As the name “Baidu TV” indicates, you don't need to be told that this property belongs to Baidu, China's largest search engine. The site  however, offers a large number of up-to-date hit dramas and feature programs. With considerable financial strength, Baidu can provide viewers with the  latest and recently updated TV series to  watch.

14.) KanKanWu:

Kankanwu, a site stocked with thousands of full HD  Chinese movies, providing the user a great interface and a well categorized column which makes your search on the site more easier. However, this site also contains tons of American movies and other regions as well but are translated to Chinese language while some of them comes with Chinese subtitle. If you're really looking for a place to download and stream Chinese movies online, they Kankan has the capability to provide you with all your needs.

15.) KanKan:

A well known site which has made name for itself, hence it was suggested to be one of the best sites where you can get Chinese movies and also steam them online. It provides the user with vast and varieties of movies, consisting of both old and latest movies as well. Kankan however, offers a good user experience but not too good on mobile view. So if you're in-search of movies to download, am certain Kankan can respond to that and ever ready to deliver.

Best Sites To Get Chinese Movies In 2019:

Finding the best sites where you can download Chinese movies (Action, Anime, Kung Fu, Drama etc) is too hard to come across as they are limuted and exclusively to people living in China. However, we have complied some of the best sites are you can download and how to stream Chinese movies online. (page 3)


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