Of course, this is not the first time we've been hearing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. Many rumors have come, go and will continue coming till the official launch which will take place on the 20th of February in San Francisco.

The Galaxy S10 has become one of the most trending news starting from last year till date. However, this year marks the 10th years of “S” series existence and Samsung will definitively come up with a surprise package, just like Apple introduced the iPhone X during their 10th year anniversary. So am certain that we'll experience such things with the Galaxy S10 launch.

While we celebrate the forthcoming Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Foldable phone is getting ready to debut as well. Hence, this device seems to be a “show stopper” as it might also steal some of Galaxy S10  fans thereby making it the chief celebrant.

With that said, a tipster from Twitter has come up with some of the Galaxy S10 official wallpapers. Of course, this gives you the privilege to embrace the look and feel of the Galaxy S10 before its official launch this month. However, we have attached a download link on where to get these wallpapers but before then, have a glimpse of what the wallpapers look like with the below embedded images.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers:



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