The launch of the Galaxy S10 is already at hand and along it, comes the launch of other Samsung products as well. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and his twin brothers are not coming alone, we are to anticipate other accessories such as Samsung TV, Wearables, Buds and other Samsung products.

Recently, a new report reveals the complete line of Samsung's wearable devices, which will however release along with the Galaxy S10 in the event scheduled on the 20th of February.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Wearable application for Android, which is also known to be called the Samsung Gear, has revealed images of new wearable devices right on the main introduction page. These devices include a smartwatch, a health monitor bracelet and a pair of true headphones-wireless.

However, it turns out that the Galaxy Watch Active is the first device on this list, and also pertain the same design as a sports smartphone which was recently leaked as Galaxy Sport. The watch has a 40mm face and comes in two different colors.

On the other side are two health monitoring bracelets, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e. These two smart bracelets will pertain a small screen to display basic parameters, such as the heart rate or the number of steps you jog. However, it is still  not clear what is the difference between the regular version and the "e" version.

At last, we can confirm that Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Buds wireless headset. This wireless headset have already leaked long time back, and now, it turns out to be arriving alongside with the Galaxy S10. Meanwhile, this wearable device promises to be  launched along with the Galaxy S10, during Samsung's Unpacked 2019 event  scheduled on February 20, 2019.


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