Why is PlayStation not coming to E3 2019 event? Of course, this has been one of the questions running on the minds of most of us but here's the response you all are waiting for, as it may clear up some doubts.
It's indeed a surprise that stuns for Sony Interactive Entertainment opting not to take part or present at E3 2019 which the PlayStation community is still talking about till date. Many of us wants to know the reason behind this decision of theirs and how tangible it is

Anyways, the head at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shawn Laydan has said in an interview with CNET that there are “some things about E3 which many of us have already been thinking, but also applied some real world context.”

Based on Layden’s speech, he said that “the world has changed, but E3 hasn’t necessarily changed with it.” And now, the question is – What is he trying to say? From Layden’s point of view, as he explains in the interview, E3 has long served two primary audiences: retailers and journalists. In the days before the internet, journalists were a direct connection to consumers, and E3 was also how publishers directly connected to retailers.

Today, neither of those connections function as they used to. Journalism, for example, the work we do here on Trainerstechs, doesn't exist on more of a 24/7 basis, as information is constantly flowing and frequently at once accessible.

During the time, Layden has however, proposed that the regular E3 June is simply far too late in the year for retailers to find it useful. Layden cited “Destination PlayStation,” a Sony event which is focused on retailers and other partners, that will take place in February.

At some time in the interview, Layden  proposes E3 might need to pivot to being more of a comic con-like experience, with an attention on fans, and fan right of approach to devs by way of events like panels. Of course, E3 has already make a move towards that, opening the doors to fans with increasing abilities over the past few years.
(Source: CNET)


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