At last, Deacon and Sarah have come together to become husband and wife, here are their wedding photos... Days Gone wedding pictures
Earlier last week, it was hovering that Playstation Spain is cooking something for Days Gone and today, Days Gone website has been updated with Sarah and Deacon wedding, along which beautiful screenshots.

And now, here comes the question that has given us sleepless night – Is Sarah's and Deacon's wedding part of what PlayStation have in store for us? – hopefully, we'll find out soon.

However, it was reported  previously that PlayStation Spain has been teasing something by sending out wedding invitations for Days Gone characters, Sarah and Deacon.

The game’s official website has now been updated with new screenshots  and also a section to enter RSVP codes  which were included in the invites that are being sent out.
Sent Invitation
Deacon St. John and Sarah Whitaker were an unlikely couple: He was from rural Oregon, a member of an outlaw motorcycle club; she was from Seattle, a botanist with a degree in biochemistry.

But from the moment they met, on the back roads of Farewell Oregon, they were inseparable. Now they’re ready to ride off into the sunset and face the next chapter of life together as man and wife. Follow them along the way.
Talking about the RSVP, it seems like PlayStation has a map-out for the upcoming lovers season “the Valentine's Day”. For now, we can't really predict what's on their mind until we find out what the RSVP code will lead to, hence, in no distant time. But before then, check out the new pictures below.

(Source: PlayStation, ResyEra]


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