Child's Play, a famous 1988 horror movie which is being restored after uncountable sequel. The movie is however, rebooted for modern audiences with possibly robotic version of the insane Chucky doll. Of course, the main Child's Play of 80's will always be a nightmare-instigated ride but the comeback doesn't look bad though.

However, the first trailer for the 2019 remake was released last two days ago by Orion Pictures. Hence, we only have a couple of months ahead of its scheduled June 21 theatrical launch. Though at the meantime, details about the movie are slim, the trailer points at that artificial intelligence and also the advanced technologies may have a role in the franchise’s newest installment.

Originally, Child's Play was rated “R” when it was released for the first time back in 1988, which introduced audiences to a dying murderer by name “Charles Lee Ray,” who puts his soul inside of a famous (fictional) doll that was nicknamed “Chucky”. It was from his new plastic body that Ray carried on to claim victims, ultimately spawning multiple later installments in the movie franchise.

On the other hand is “Brad Dourif” who played a role of a thug and was on the run from police because he knew some black magic that let him transfer his soul into a doll before dying. The new remake doesn’t seem to follow the same plotline but instead could focus on a more ‘robotic’ doll which feels less creepy. It is still early to speculate on how the doll starts killing others.

This time around, the new dolls are gathered in a factory, thus known to be Buddi. You can as well know the death of someone which seems to resemble the very first death in the main Child’s Play. Most of the story feels different enough that this might also be a reimagining of the first film.

However, it’s still not clear how far the original storyline will make its way into the 2019 remake, although the trailer drops some hints. Nevertheless, viewers are acquainted to a tech company that produces advanced toys. Hence, there’s hints of both robotics and artificial intelligence for kids. According to the trailer, it reveals that these products are designed to know, understand, and love the kids.


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