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Just a couple of days ago, we saw a Galaxy Note 10 image render which showed a triple rear cameras, aligned vertically at the center. And now, a new render from Phone Arena is teasing a very different thing, whereas the rear cameras are now four, aligned at the left side of the machine though also in a vertical line.

Looking at the image of the Galaxy Note 10 provided by Phone Arena, it shows a much thinner screen bother, accounting for almost the whole front when it is being compared with its predecessor, Galaxy Note 9. However, it still retains its distinctive appearance, looks more square than the Galaxy S10 and S10+ and as usual, uses the S Pen.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 and his twin brothers which was launched at the beginning of the year, the selfie camera of the Note 10 is transferred to the center and not in the corner anymore.

Meanwhile, the camera cluster on the back has up to 4 lenses that are moved along the edge of the camera, though not horizontal as on Samsung's previous high-end smartphones that was launched couple of months back. Hence, the new Galaxy Note is expected to have extra zoom cameras to compete with Oppo Reno or Huawei P30 Pro.

Color change happens to be another noticeable feature of this forthcoming machine, hence, it is available in fine different colors and also uses a rich gradient. This is not the first time we have seen this style though, as it has been applied on mid-range Galaxy A models launched in early 2019.

As for the unveiling date, the exact date is still not clear but following the tradition of the previously launched Galaxy Note series, it may launch on August. However, it is predicted whether it'll be late August or early September. Anyways, we'll keep updating you as per each and every authentic news regarding the launch of this machine.
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The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 and his twin brothers, which Galaxy S10 5G version happens to be one of them. While it already went on sale in South Korea and the United States earlier this month, now it's making a move and thus heading to Europe.

However, the Galaxy S10 5G is ready for pre-order in the UK. The device is normally available on the EE and Vodafone networks in the country. As confirmed by Samsung previously, it will go on general sale on the 7th of June, 2019.

Not just to Europe but the Galaxy S10 5G will also be making its way to Germany, France, Italy and several other European countries in the next month.

Meanwhile, the machine will not only offer faster connectivity, but also other features that make it stand tall amongst the regular models. Hence, you get four rear cameras and three front cameras, a bigger 6.7-inch screen, and a 4,500 mAh battery with 25W super fast charging.

The device comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage space, which could slightly put some folks off as it doesn’t have expandable storage to support the internal storage.

Talking about the price of the machine in UK, it is priced at £1,099 “approximately $1,390.” As for the color, the device comes in Majestic Black and Crown Silver color options.

To pre-order the Galaxy S10 5G version, you can do it via Samsung’s online store and Experience Stores, and in addition to EE and Vodafone stores. Furthermore, Samsung will begin shipping the device on June 13.
The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit

Actress Maisie Williams has shared her one regret regarding Arya Stark's journey in the final season of Game of Thrones. According to the hugely famous books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones debuted on HBO back in 2011. Quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, thus, the series ran for eight seasons before officially concluded last Sunday night.

As one of the show's original cast members, Williams has been with the show since the outset. She was also consistently one of the show's most beloved characters - which made it all the more pleasant when she lived through to the very end.

Across the show's eight-season run, Arya collected a whole list of names of people she wanted to erase from the surface of the earth. She would repeat those names to herself each night before she sleeps. Over time, the young Stark would cross many of them off in some of the show's best and most brutal moments.

There has been one name that remained throughout, however, was that of Cersei Lannister. Arya went as far as to travel back to King's Landing, only to be dissuaded from pursuing vengeance by The Hound before she could officially stick her with the pointy end.

Williams however, revealed in an interview with EW that one thing she regrets Arya not being able to do was killing Cersei Lannister. Cersei would ultimately go on to die alongside her twin brother Jaime as Daenerys' rampage caused The Red Keep to collapse upon them. In the wake of the final episode, Williams wished that things had, in that regard, played out separately:
"I just wanted to be on set with Lena again, she’s good fun,” Williams explained. “And I wanted Arya to kill Cersei even if it means [Arya] dies too. Even up to the point when Cersei’s with Jaime I thought [while reading the script], ‘He’s going to whip off his face [and reveal its Arya]’ and they’re both going to die. I thought that’s what Arya’s drive has been.”

Lena Headey, who played Cersei, also hoped for a scene between her character and Arya. Williams, meanwhile, explained further: “The Hound says, ‘You want to be like me? You want to live your life like me?’” Williams continued. “In my head, the answer was: ‘Yeah.’” Ultimately, however, the young actress came around to the idea.

It was a shock for me because that wasn’t how I envisioned her arc going this year. Then I realized there were other things I could play, bringing Arya back to being a 16-year-old again. Her final words bring her in line with Sophie Turner, who also stood by her character's fate.

Williams' words are certain to have impact with fans - especially those who also feel that season 8 didn't deliver on character's arcs and journeys as well as they could have. There's no doubt many who would have loved to see Arya confront Cersei.

Sadly, it was clearly as not meant to be as Arya sitting on the Iron Throne. What so ever that may be people's view on the final season, will definitely not be changed no matter the amount of petitions which will change the characters' ultimate fates.

Therefore, barring a potential Game of Thrones spinoff, fans will just have to be pleased that Arya got a rare happy ending as she set sail to explore unchartered regions. And keep their fingers crossed that the still-to-be-released books will bring Arya and Cersei back onto a collision course.
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The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit

After the sudden incident that took place on the 19th of this month (May, 2019) as Huawei's license was withdrawn from using Android OS, it has been a difficult moment for the Chinese smartphone company.

While the ban also restricts them from making use of any Google property such like Gmail and YouTube, play store and play services were not excluded.

However, play store happens to be the app store for Android users and hence, contains a whole lots of apps and games to keep the user(s) entertained and also the phone itself.

Just like Apple has its own App Store and Android has its own known to be Google Play Store, Huawei being able to own an operating system also needs an app store where the users can download and install apps on the devices' as well.

While many other companies including Google has abandoned the Chinese smartphone company, Huawei, a Portugal third-party app store has come to Huawei's aid and thus, willing to assist Huawei with its app store “Aptoide.”

Undoubtedly, Aptoide is one of the biggest replacements for Google Play, which has over 900,000 apps on the Android platform, more than 6 billion cumulative downloads, and currently has 200 million active users. As Google decided to terminate part of its business with Huawei , Aptoide took the opportunity to discuss relevant cooperation opportunities with Huawei.

Today, Aptoide founder “Paulo Trezentos” himself said that he has met with a senior Huawei person, and Aptoide's Shenzhen office also has close ties with Huawei.

Furthermore, Huawei will launch its new operating system “Hongmeng OS” before this year ends and by the look of things, it seems that it'll be a boon to the Chinese smartphone company. Meanwhilehile, we still have a long way to go for the operating system “Hongmeng OS” to be launched.

While we wait patiently for it's arrival, there will be a lot of news and leaks coming on your way regarding to this operating system and we “Trainerstechs team” will not seize from feeding you with the daily pizza you're longing for.

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The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit
While World War Z is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games Store. It sales have however piled up as fast as its mobs of zombies with close to two million units sold in just a month. Saber Interactive’s hit shooter launched April 16 and has enjoyed an overall warm reception from players and critics.

World War Z topped the UK charts shortly after its release. It has also performed well on PC too, irrespective of being an Epic Store exclusive. The third-person cooperative shooter borrows loosely from the 2006 novel of the same name and takes place in the same world as the 2013 film adaptation.

Its narrative centers on a band of characters fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse across the cities of New York, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and Moscow. Taking inspiration from Left 4 Dead, up to four players work together to battle dense zombie waves numbering in the hundreds. The undead can even climb atop each other to reach higher areas just as in the movie.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive states World War Z has already become one of their most successful titles to date. To celebrate, the team released an accolades video touting the game’s critical and commercial success.  They also promised more content to infect the game in the future, such as the previously announced new enemy type and additional Tokyo mission.

The post-launch roadmap of free updates will also add a six-skull difficulty setting, weekly challenge modes, and new cosmetic items. A mysterious wave-based survival mode also waits in the wings. Down the line, players will have the ability to swap classes during PvPvZ matches (which are two teams of players pitted against each other with zombies attacking both sides). Quality of life improvements to come include the introduction of private lobbies, Field of View, and level of detail sliders on PC.

Licensed games don’t often turn out great, making World War Z one of the year’s most pleasant surprises. Saber Interactive have honed in on not only what makes the IP work, but successfully tapped the still potent Left 4 Dead formula. Now that the game’s initial server woes seem largely behind it, players should hopefully have no shortage of zombie-slaying fun to salivate over.
The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit

This past few days has been a hell for Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei. On May 19, following the orders of the US Government, Google withdrew Huawei's Android license.

This however, means that Huawei can only integrate the open source version of Android (AOSP) into its future smartphones, but it'll be with the absence of the Google Play Store and other Google related services such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Google Assistant etc. Hence, this recent ban also hint that Huawei's current Android running smartphones will no longer receive new updates.

As we already state in the paragraph two, Huawei can still make use of Android but clearly on the long term. Nevertheless, Huawei cannot rely on Android forever. Therefore, Huawei has developed its own operating system, though not recently but since 2012.

After being “cut off by Google,” more information about regarding to Huawei's operating system started teasing online. Specifically, this operating system is called “Hongmeng OS” (Hong Mong OS) and it supports not only smartphones but also computers.

According to the Chinese publication, Caijing, Richard Yu, Huawei's consumer goods CEO, has recently added some new information about the operating system that the group is developing.

Richard Yu said the operating system will be compatible with all Android applications today. Not only that, if the Android application is recompiled to run on Huawei's operating system, the application will give performance up to 60%. It is known that this is achieved because Huawei's operating system uses a new microkernel architecture.

Meanwhile, the Huawei's operating system will not only be limited to smartphones and computers according to the original information, but it will also be available on tablets, TVs, cars and also smart wearable devices.

Finally, the earliest scheduled time for this operating system to appear is in the fall of this year and no later than the following spring (2020).

Besides the above information, Huawei's operating system still contains many great unknowns. Although Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, many people still have doubts about the success of the operating system developed by this Chinese corporation.

However, iOS and Android now account for nearly 98% of the mobile operating system market share and almost no room for a third operating system.
The Rise Of Future Technology! Training youths on what the future tech is all about, what it will look like and how to make them work on their benefit

The news and leaks of the Galaxy Note 10 will never seize from being a daily food until after officially unveiled. While we're fed with daily leaks concerning the Galaxy Note 10, today's leak will never be an exception. Hence, it happens that today's leak exposed the rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

From the renderings, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 uses a perforated camera design and is placed in the middle of the screen, while the back is equipped with 3 rear cameras that are arranged in a vertical line.

Based on previous leaks, Samsung will introduce two different models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which are 6.5 inches and 6.7 inches respectively . The two mobile phones have the same camera specifications and both support indisplay fingerprint scanner. Hence, the only difference between the two devices is that the 6.7-inch model is equipped with a rear TOF lens.

Additionally, there has been online spy photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on the internet. Meanwhile, the battery capacity is said to be up to 4500mAh “based on the photo,” which is 500mAh higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Of course, we still have more news and leaks coming our way until the official launch. Thus, this series of mobile phones is expected to be launched either in late August or early September according to few reports but as the Korean giant has made it a tradition, we may expect to see it in August this year.